Department of Maryland
"Marines Helping Wounded Marines"


(Photos Courtesy of Don Patterson)
July 18, 2005

Members of various Detachments of the Department of Maryland Marine Corps League gathered at the Harley-Davidson of Maryland store at 7010 Troy Hill Drive in Elkridge, Maryland on July 18, 2005 to pay tribute to it's President and Owner, Tina Wehner, and the entire Harley-Davidson staff for their generous support to the Marine Corps League's Marines Helping Marines (MHM) Program. The MHM Program is a nationally supported program run by the Maryland Marine Corps League. The League provides financial, material, physical, moral, and social support to wounded Marines and Navy Corpsmen returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and their families at the Bethesda and Walter Reed Hospitals. Two visits per week are made to the hospitals to check on their needs and the wounded Marines and their families are treated to social events such as ball games, dinners, fishing trips, and the like. Material goods, such as clothing, disposable camera, calling cards, etc., are also provided.

Harley-Davidson's contribution was a total of 426 Harley-Davidson Tee Shirts with a retail value of over $7,600. These shirts were distributed to the wounded Marines and Corpsmen at Bethesda and Walter Reed hospitals in Maryland, and at several facilities in California. The shirts were enthusiastically received by the wounded Marines and their families. The Marine Corps League presented Tina and her staff with a plaque expressing their appreciation for the contribution. Also presented was a framed photograph of Santa Claus presenting one of the tee shirts to a wounded Marine at the Christmas party held by the Marine Corps League at Bethesda last December. To the entire Harley-Davidson staff, the Marine Corps League'ers added a resounding "OOHRAH"!

Pictured are, from the left, Don Patterson, Department of Maryland Photographer, Free State Detachment; Tony Begenwald, Co-chairman of the MHM program, Free State Detachment; Mike Betts, Adjutant, Staff Sergeant Karl G. Taylor Sr. Detachment; Tina Wehner, President and owner of Harley-Davidson of Maryland, Inc,; Peggy Kraft, General Manager, Harley-Davidson; Frank "Kip" Kippenbrok, Past Commandant, Staff Sergeant Karl G. Taylor Sr. Detachment; Sam D'Andelet, Member, Free State Detachment.



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