Department of Maryland Marines




A special "Thanks" to you and the Marines of the Department of Maryland for the outstanding job you are doing taking care of these Marines and their families.

Semper Fi
Jim Tuohy
National Vice Commandant
Central Division

Please find update on our "Marines Helping Wounded Marines" program.

Dept of Maryland Commandant Ron Short, and the members of the Marine Corps League who have banded together to assisted in many different ways from across this USA, we cannot put into words how proud we are of your commitment and dedication to our wounded Marines.

Semper Fidelis
Stephen T. Wilson
National Vice Commandant
Mideast Division

Many thanks for all that you are doing for our Marines & Sailors. All the best in 2005.

Semper Fidelis,
Gen William L Nyland

Dear Leaguer's,
This is what it's all about. I applaud all that have assisted the wounded Marines in Bethesa.

Ed Hammons
Department Commandant
National Marine Of The Year 2003-04

Department of Maryland
Commandant Ron Short.

Please pass on the message Madam Commandant has emailed to all those taking part with the Marines Helping Wounded Marines.
Semper Fidelis

Stephen T. Wilson
National Vice Commandant
Mideast Division


Please extend my personal thanks to those wonderful Marines and their families who take care of our wounded warriors.

S/F Helen

Ron you and your detachment are truly a credit to what being a Marine is all about. God bless you.

Sgt Campbell

I have added Ron Short's update on Bethesda, complete with pictures, to the Mideast web site. What a great job they are doing!!

Semper Fi
Jim Haslam


Thank you so much for including me in this email!!! What a wonderful day that must have been. Right now we are in Jacksonville, NC but maybe when my husband gets some leave time we can travel to Bethesda and lend a hand for a few days!!!

Thanks again, and I hope you keep me in the loop[!!!!

Maureen Pruitt
Key Volunteer Coordinator
6th Marine Regiment.

Great job Ron. Marines helping Marines. As it should be. It's the little
things like this that bond Marines together.


I think what you did for the wounded Marines was great.

Paul Doelger
Marine Corps League
Member at Large


Greetings and thanks for the wonderful lunch sir.

Semper Fi,
Captain Licari, OPSO


I applaud you and your fellow Marine Corps Leaguers and spouses for all you have done! I am sure it has been a busy last few weeks for you.

I hope our contribution helped and the cards and banners helped the spirits of our fellows Marines!

Good to hear you had a successful holiday season !

I look forward to the pictures!

Semper Fi
Chris Kiehm

Department Of South Carolina MCL Members & Significant Others,

I take great pride in forwarding this memo on our wounded Marines in the hospital at Bathesda, Maryland.

I salute Department Commandant of Maryland Ron Short & our National Director Mike Blum for their efforts and success.

Semper Fi,

Ed Hammons
Department Commandant
National Marine Of The Year 2003-04

michael :

did you notice the dashing marine corps leauger in the first photo ? through steve wilson , carolyn and i were able to join ron short and his maryland marines . have photos which i will bring with me to troutman . it was a rewarding event . ron and all the others made us most welcome and , as you can see , joined them in giving out gifts . i was able , on short notice , to raise over six hundred dollars which i used to buy pre-paid telephone cards .

s/f john





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