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PURPOSE: To provide support for injured Marine Corps personnel at the National Medical Center from the Marine Corps League Detachments.

POLICY: The Marines Helping Marines direct Marine Corps League Detachments in their efforts to support injured Marine Corps personnel located at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The scope of the support with encompass financial, on site visits and off side trips to include family outings, dinners, short trips in support of the individual Marines needs and sporting events as tickets and opportunity present themselves.


1) The Marine Corps League Commandant will direct a current officer of the League to manage this program. In lieu of this selection, Department Chaplain will manage the program at the direction of commandant.

2) Each Detachment of the Maryland Marine Corps League is directed to assign their Chaplain as key and responsible person to plan, direct and manage their level of support in this Maryland effort.

3) Each Detachment is requested to obtain or contribute money to support this program in its needs. Marine Corps Policy requires we retain such money and as needed Marine Liaison at the National Naval Medical Center will request application of such money. As such, all money applied to this program will be maintained at the Marines Helping Marines Level; specifically, all money will be given to the Marines Helping Marines Pay Master who will collect, disburse, and provide quarterly audited documentation of application of all money.

4) A key part of this program will be the daily visits to the Medical Center attending to specific or general needs of our wounded and/or injured Marines. Each participating Detachment will coordinate t with the Department Chaplain all visits and support to the Medical Center. This will provide optimum control for the Medical Center planning for visits and allocation of personnel. Each Detachment is encouraged to contact Marine Corps Liaison at the Medical Center to discuss visits and other support programs such as dinners and/or sporting events. Each Detachment is then directed to coordinate with the Department Chaplain for coordination of any or all other events occurring on the same date or time.

5) The Department of Maryland Marine Corps League Chaplain will be responsible quarterly and annually for reporting the status of the program. Specific items of this report will be; a) current Detachments involved; b) activities undertaken by each Detachment; c) current money collected and applied; and, d) current needs of the program. Each Detachment Chaplain is responsible for providing to the Department Chaplain their program report on a timely basis.

6) In the event this policy needs interpretation The Department of Maryland Marine Corps League Commandant will be the sole authority on these matters. For the good of the Department of Maryland Marine Corps League, the decisions will be final.


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