I just want to bring everyone up to date on some changes in our Department Marines Helping Marines Program. First of all I want to thank everyone for their support for this most important and vital project. Without the help of all of you we would not be able to supply these wounded Marines and their families with the financial and emotional support they need and deserve. Through your generosity and that of other Marine Corps Leaguers and civilians across the country this program has surpassed the $20,000.00 mark - GREAT JOB.

The major changes deal with changes in personnel and the addition of new committees. We now have a finance committee consisting of Jr. Past Department Commandant Mike Blum, Detachment Commandant Steve Manning and the Department Adjutant Cullin Phillips. Their primary responsibility will be to supervise the collection and distribution of all funds. Having a committee supervising all expenditure will insure that the money will be used wisely in helping the wounded Marines and their families. Cullin Phillips will also will be responsible for contacting corporations for donations and sponsorship. Detachment Commandant Frank Kippenbrock will be handling our acknowledgment letters. Everyone who makes a donation to the Department Marine Helping Marines Program will receive a personal thank you and anyone donating $50.00 or more will also receive a Marine Corps League certificate of appreciation.

With the approval of the Department Board of Trustees I have appointed Lou Stavely the new Chairman of the Marines Helping Marines Program, effective immediately. Lou will be responsible for handling all requests for support coming from Bethesda Naval Hospital and forwarding them to the Finance Committee, he will also be scheduling weekly visits and keeping everyone informed of times and dates. Lou can be reached at: 301-785-3524

Today I along with several of my staff members spent about 2 hours with the Marine Corps command at Bethesda Naval Hospital and made some great progress for our program. We have gotten approval for weekend and evening visits on a limited basis. Although we are still restricted to 2 visits per week -- we can now schedule our visits Monday through Friday from 1000 to 1600 this will allow us more flexibility in our visits. We also obtained permission for a visit for a large group from the Mountainside Detachment. For now we will keep the visits to Thursday and Friday until we get a feel for what day would be best for all. We also received permission to be furnished with the names of all Marines being released and their destination. This will allow us to contact - through National Marine Corps League - the local Department and Detachment in the Marine's hometown so the Marine Corps League support can continue. This project will be handled by the Department Jr. Vice Jack Severn. Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with the Marine liaison personnel at Walter Reed Hospital. Assisting the Marines at Walter Reed is our nest step in this project...

As you can see this program is growing and getting better each day, but none of this would be possible without your support.

Again thank you, Marines and
Semper Fi,
Ron Short
Dept. of Md.