Following up on our December 28th Marines Helping Marines update:

We contracted Cozy Restaurant ( of Thurmont, Md. to cater a New Years Day dinner for the wounded Marines and their family members . Cozy not only provided us with an outstanding meal and great service but at the end of the day they informed us that the owner was donating the entire meal to the MHM Program. What a great surprise to us and what a gracious gesture for a catering company to do. Although we contracted for 100 meals they provided enough food for at least 125 dinners which allowed us not only to provide dinners for the Marines and their families but for the entire hospital staff including the Hospital's XO Captain Oleson. If you are in the Thurmont area please stop by their restaurant have a bite and thank them for their generosity or feel free to e-mail them with your thoughts.

I would like to thank those who spent New Years Day helping serve these meals.

Mike Blum
Jerry Devlin
Lou Stavely
Bob Flick
Tony Begenwald
Steve Manning
Darlene Short
Terry James

Again thank you for your support of this program. Thanks to you we have now provided Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital with over 65 thousand dollars of support for our wounded Marines and Sailors.

Semper Fi.
Ron Short
Dept. of Md.