Marine Corps League
Program for
Professional Development


National Professional
Development Program (PDP)


The PDP is updated at least once year by the National PDP Committee and posted to the National MCL website.

The most recent version is also posted here.

MCL - Professional Development Program

Please make sure to use the most recent edition.

Who should use this Program?

1.  Any member that wants to gain a better understanding of the MCL.

2.  Detachment’s wishing to hold training programs during their meetings. The PDP is broken out into modules, so you can teach one or two subjects per meeting.

If you want more information or assistance teaching a module please contact
Craig Reeling at 443-477-0670  or




Department Leadership College

The Dept holds its annual Leadership College in the spring of each year.  It covers the same subjects as the National PDP but in a classroom setting, which allows students to interact with the instructors and ask questions.

It is open to ALL Members and Associate Members. You do not have to be a Detachment Officer to attend.

This class is recommended if you are currently (or intend on becoming) a Detachment Officer.  If you plan on moving up into a Department level position, this class is highly recommended.

The class is normally held on a Saturday from 0800-1600. Each student graduates with a Diploma, a 2 inch binder filled class material and a CD filled with forms/documents. Food is provided. We recommend the student pay for the class themselves and have the Detachment reimburse them when a diploma is presented as their receipt. 

The annual application normally becomes available at the January Dept Meeting. 

2024 Application

If the current year application is not posted here, please contact Craig Reeling at to be placed on the pre-registration list.  This list is for members interested in attending the next class.  An application will be sent to you as soon as it is available. You are not obligated to attend until you return the completed application.



Marine Corps League Guidebooks
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Marine Corps League Ritual Handbook
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Marine Corps League Guidebook for Detachment Officers
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